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    A Better Choice Garage Door Repair was established in 1992 in Hanover Park by CEO and Owner, Jim Wilcox. The business was built on the basis of customer service being the number 1 goal. Today ABC Door is one of the most popular Garage Door companies in the Schaumburg area. With garage door repair in Hoffman Estates, Bloomingdale, Bartlett, Elk Grove Village, Streamwood and other surrounding cities, A Better Choice Garage Door Service has got you covered.

    Garage Door Repair

    Garage Door Repair Schaumburg

    Overhead Garage Door Service Schaumburg

    We repair garage door springs, openers, cables, remotes, and all other garage door service related items. All repairs are priced fairly at a very competitive rate. Our service technicians are trained to include the role of being a customer service expert.

    Request Service Online

    A Better Choice Garage Door Repair of Schaumburg provides its customers with the ability to request service online. Since 2007, A Better Choice Garage Door Service of Schaumburg has provided our customers with a quick and easy way to request standard AND emergency garage door service via our website. No matter if you call for garage door repair on a single garage door or if you need multiple garage doors in Schaumburg repaired, our trucks are stocked and our techs will get your garage doors operational in no time.

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      PHP Error: Function ereg() is depriciated

      Aren't we Likable?

        Recently I started to receive errors on my Expression Engine (EE) page. The Error read as follows:

        PHP ereg Error

        A PHP Error was encountered
        Severity: 8192
        Message: Function ereg() is deprecated
        Filename: structure/mod.structure.php
        Line Number: 2187

        This error is generated when using the old ereg() function on PHP version 5.3 and up. A simple version compatibility issue.

        How to fix this error:

        I thought this was going to take significant time to fix, but was actually pretty simple. In fact, this post is talking longer to write than it took me to fix the PHP error issues. All we have to do is replace the old function with the new function and SLIGHTLY modify the function’s syntax.

        Line of code causing issue:

        if (ereg(“offset=\”([0-9]+)\”", $pkey))

        New line of code PHP 5.3 friendly function:

        if (preg_match(“/offset=\”([0-9]+)\”/“, $pkey))

        Note the changes in Red. Not only did I update the name of the function, I am required to wrap the parameter pattern around slashes.

         That’s all she wrote:

        After you make this change, test it out. You should be good to go.

        Please reference this post from DevThought for further reading.

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